Everything moves, flows, mists over, forms, becomes. Galaxies, fields of mist, waters, light, dark, reflections, feelings. A nebullious, magical substance in motion. That’s the UNIVERSE.

There everything is transient, in process, a vibration. Its unstoppable, you can only live through every change, moment of life – by being here, now, in this moment, in this time. Looking at this world from so many points of view – through tears, through a smile, through form, through a touch. By a presence.

Hence the UNIVERSE collection with caught, no, lived, moments. For one this moment will appear in the form of a snake, another it will be the Milky Way or the fragile leaf of a tree. It’s not important. The most important thing is that you experience it, that you be.

Here, the first flash of the UNIVERSE. In the UNIVERSE RING. Everything is one, and one is everything.

From silver, 18 carat white or yellow gold – all intertwined, in beauty.

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