Fire Stone

You, the beginning, passion, fire. Life itself plays in your fingers. You are a maker, a creator; your hands protect the Fire, formed in diamonds that dance on the precious gemstones.

Moving Light

To be absolutely right there in the moment. Here, in situ. Observing the light. Through the door slightly ajar, through the keyhole or completely openly. To stop, put the work aside and notice how the light dances around her neck, her ear lobes, fingertips and hands. How peaceful she is, how complete.

Sounds of Silence

The source of inspiration for this collection is Riga’s phenomenal Art Nouveau which, due to its unique splendour and diversity has been included in the UNESCO listing of cultural heritage sites.

The Universe

Everything moves, flows, mists over, forms, becomes. Galaxies, fields of mist, waters, light, dark, reflections, feelings.


My mission as a woman is to generate more beauty in the world and nature has given us the inner strength to do that